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For any customer queries you may please email us to or contact at 17505000 Ext. 1245. Dear Customer, Never share your ATM CARD, PIN or ACCOUNT details with anyone, our bank will not ask for it.
  :: Board Audit Committee

Dr. Hamid Borhani - Chairman of the Audit Committee
AMr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Abdulmalek
AMr. Gholam H.Zaferani



  :: Nomination, Remuneration &
      Corporate Governance Committee

ADr. Abdolnaser Hemmati
- Chairman of the Committee
AMr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Abdulmalek
ADr. Hamid Borhani


  :: Executive Risk Committee Board

Mr. Adel Al Mannai - Chairman of the Committee
AMr. Mohammad Reza Pishrow
AMr. Gholam Souri


AMr. U.P.Ravi Prakash - Corporate Secretary




Audit Committee
Assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities relating to the Bank’s accounting policies, internal audit controls, compliance procedures, risk management systems, financial reporting  function and liaise with the Bank external auditors and regulator.

Nomination, Remuneration & Corporate Governance Committee
Establishes procedures for the selection and recommendation of candidates suitable for appointment to the Board, assists in ensuring that appropriate remuneration policies are in place which is designed to meet the needs of the Bank and enhance corporate and individual performance and assists in overseeing the development and the regular assessment of the Bank’s approach to corporate governance issues.

Executive Risk Committee Board
Ensures implementation of the risk management framework and maintenance of adequate and capable infrastructure to support the framework.



Various functional committees headed by C.E.O/Deputy C.E.O are also set up at the executive level. These are:

Management Committee
Reviews and monitors progress on strategic initiatives, including regulatory, financial, and operational and compliance issues.

Senior Credit Committee
Implements the Credit Policy as authorized by the Board; inclusive of approval of the credit related proposals, approves renewal of facilities, business services and reviews new credit related products.

Credit Committee
Approves credit proposals up to certain specified amounts as delegated by the Board.

Risk Committee
Oversees the implementation, interpretation and follow up of the risk policies and promotes a sound risk culture within the bank.

IT Committee
Reviews and manages the overall IT strategy, with a focus on the projects under implementation and to provide a forum for user IT interfaces.

Asset Liability Management Committee
Sets guidelines for the overall management of the liquidity & interest rate risk, determines the funding strategy of the bank in order to maximize net interest income at minimal risk.

Branch Business Development & Coordination Committee 
Discusses business targets, achievements and monitors / helps improving co-ordination  between branches.

Disclosure Committee 
Enables the Bank in adhering to the disclosure requirements and provides guidelines to be followed for the relevant disclosures required as per regulation.

HR Committee 
Reviews the salary compensations, increments, benefits to employees and discusses any other employee related issues.

Basel Committee 
Coordinates implementation of Basel II standards in all areas of Risk Management and other functions across the Bank & implements Basel III guidelines as applicable to the Bank.



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  4th Sep 2016
  Upgraded Bahraini Dinar

  14th Aug 2016
  Benefits Credit Reference Code of Practice

  02nd Apr 2014
  AGM Venue,Date & Timing

  10th Dec 2012
  We are pleased to inform you that a reduction in our tariff of charges effective Dec-2012 as part of our ongoing service enhancements

  02nd Feb 2012
  We are pleased to inform you that you can participate in the primary issuance/auction of Bahrain Government securities from
the 1st of February.


  12th May 2011 
  The Central Bank of Bahrain announced the adoption of IBAN (International Bank Account No.) by end of January 2012.

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