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For any customer queries you may please email us to or contact at 17505000 Ext. 1245. Dear Customer, Never share your ATM CARD, PIN or ACCOUNT details with anyone, our bank will not ask for it.
Release Date: 12th May 2011

Central Bank of Bahrain Announces the adoption of IBAN
(International Bank Account Number)

The Central Bank of Bahrain has announced the adoption of IBAN (International Bank Account Number) which is an international standard for numbering bank customer accounts. The use of IBAN will be initiated by the end of January 2012.

IBANs will be used for Inward and Outward remittances and the customers’ basic account number will be used for all domestic transactions.

Banks will be able to process Inward/Outward remittances efficiently and promptly through processing the IBAN of the recipient and will allow the bank customers to make or receive their payments much faster.

The IBAN format will comprise of the country code, a check digit and a Bank Identifier which would be prefixed to the customers existing account number.

Example:    BH  29 FUBB 01100123456789

Click here to View IBAN - FAQ List


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  12th May 2011 
  The Central Bank of Bahrain announced the adoption of IBAN (International Bank Account No.) by end of January 2012.

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